Increase In Demand For Robusta Coffee Beans

Don't know the difference between your robusta and arabica coffee beans?  Well, turns out that demand for robusta—the bean most frequently used to make instant coffee drinks—has been increasing recently.  These beans are grown mainly in Asia and Africa (Vietnam is the main producer) and have been favored over Arabica beans, whch are grown in Latin America.  The shift may be a product of El Niño and climate changes in Brazil, the world's largest coffee producer, or it may simpy indicate a change in the tastes of the coffee drinking public.

During the coming coffee growing year, measured from October, Vietnam will be producing nearly five million more bags of robusta beans.  Indonesia, the second largest producer of this varietal, will supply 7.4 million bags, a figure up 2 million from the previous year.  Latin America won't be left behind in this switch to robusta.  Brazil has also seen demand increase, producing nearly two million more bags this year than last.  

The question that remains is this: will consumers be able to taste the difference?