Incorporate Candy Corn Into Your Halloween

Here are 3 ways to make your Halloween even sweeter

This candy is meant for more than just eating.

Once you spot the striped candy of orange, yellow, and white in supermarkets, you know that Halloween is coming soon. What better way to celebrate the candy filled holiday than with the most traditional candy of them all? Here are 3 DIY candy corn theme ideas for Halloween.

Candy Corn Costume and Trick-Or-Treat Bag
Candy corn is already irresistible, but put a baby in it and your heart will flat out melt with joy! There’s no doubt this homemade candy corn costume will make your little one look even sweeter. Plus, it is made with fur and yard, to keep the child warm and adorable at the same time. To keep in sync with the candy corn theme, the candy corn trick-or-treat bags is the extra finishing touch that will top it all off.

Candy Corn Decor
Eager Trick-or-Treaters will go crazy over these sweet décor ideas.  Createa candy corn wreath, door hanger, or garland for your front door. It’s a great way to welcome and excite trick-or-treaters. You can make these before Halloween with your kids to get them amped up holiday.

Candy Corn Desserts
A little late night snack can’t hurt. Plus, what better way to end the holiday than with something sweet? Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or listening to your kids’ trick-or-treating adventures, make these candy corn cupcakes. For bit more crunchy to balance out all of the sweet from your candy, try making these candy corn barks. The barks even make great party favors that can be used all fall long.


Here are more suggestions for a candy-corn themed Halloween.