Illinois Proposes Ban On Lion Meat

Illinois is primed to become the first U.S. state ban the sale of lion meat. But is the widespread eating of lions a problem the Midwest is currently facing?

African lion populations have been declining over the past decades, but the USDA has not designated the lion as an endangered species. Eating lions is unusual in the U.S., but not illegal.

According to NBC, state representative Luis Arroyo sponsored the bill, which was filed in February and assigned to the Illinois Agriculture & Conservation Committee on Thursday.The proposed ban would make it illegal to sell lion meat and "for any person to slaughter a lion or for any person to possess, breed, import or export from this State, buy, or sell lions for the purpose of slaughter."

Czimer's Game & Sea Foods, an Illinois-based distributor of wild game and exotic meats, does have lion "snack sticks" on its menu along with African lion leg roast, steaks, and burgers, though those are currently listed as "not available" on the company's website. They can hook you up with black bear or raccoon, though.