$65k of Illegal Razor Clams Caught En Route to Hong Kong

1,700 pounds of illegal Scottish razor clams seized on their way to Hong Kong
Wikimedia/Oregon Fish And Wildlife

Officials in Scotland seized $65,000 worth of illegally harvested razor clams on their way to Hong Kong.

While many people would balk at consuming creatures harvested illicitly from unapproved fishing areas, there’s enough of a market to make poaching worthwhile, and environmental officers recently seized nearly 1,800 pounds of illegal razor clams in Scotland.

According to the BBC, the illicit catch seized at the end of February at Oban Ferry Terminal was worth £40,000 or $65,980. The shipment was intended to be sold in Hong Kong, and it was en route when it was caught in a joint effort between Argyll and Bute Council, the Food Standards Agency, Marine Scotland and Police Scotland as part of an effort to stop razor clams and other shellfish from being harvested from unapproved waters. Shellfish gathered from unclassified places are officially deemed unsafe for human consumption, and it’s illegal for them to enter the food chain.[related]

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“The council is advising shellfish harvesters, processors and food businesses to ensure that any shellfish intended for human consumption should be harvested from approved waters and be accompanied by the appropriate documentation,” said David Kinniburgh of the Argyll and Bute Council. "There are significant risks attached to the consumption of unsafe shellfish, not only for the consumer but for the local and national shellfish industry."