If Booze Were Banned, What Would You Do?

This week marks the 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. A ban on alcohol is something that is almost unthinkable in today's day and age, but what would you do if drinking once again became illegal?

The Daily Meal asked New York City residents and visitors how they would react if suddenly, every bar was forced to close. If unexpectedly, drinking alcohol became illegal. If the United States abruptly lost an activity that many use as an outlet to bring people together. Whether you are the type of person who drinks to get drunk or simply one who enjoys a glass of wine with dinner each evening, your life would be drastically affected if Prohibition ever happened again.

During the interview process, several passersby declined an on-camera appearance but still made their feelings known. One woman said, jokingly, that she probably would not be able to live. One of the men who walked by told us he would probably cry. What did the rest say? Watch above.