Iconic Houston Restaurant Hosts Yard Sale

Staff Writer
Feast restaurant is closing, and sold everything to the fans

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

In December, The Chron reported that the iconic Houston restaurant Feast was closing. Now, Culture Map Houston announced that the local fan-favorite is selling everything in the restaurant.

Owners and chefs James Silk, Meagan Silk, and Richard Knight announced the closing news via Twitter. Simply put, the said they were not getting enough regular traffic and were going to close when their five-year lease ran out.

The closing is a sad day for those in Houston because of the role the restaurant played in putting Houston on the food map. With their daily changing menus, Feast encouraged people to eat local meat, and in unique ways. Offering everything from chicken and beef to duck and rabbit, this restaurant helped to broaden the culinary scene in Houston.

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The restaurant announced their yard sale via Facebook, proclaiming that everything needed to go. The sale was held on Saturday, June 15th and Monday, June 17th. Simple items like silverware and chairs were sold while the iconic pig signs were auctioned off.