Chefs Cook in Wheeled House Through Iceland

A traveling 'house of food' brings the best of Icelandic cuisine

The city of Reykjavik, where Eldhús; Iceland's little house of food began its tour.

Talk about a to-go meal — now through March 18, the Eldhús, also known as "Iceland's Little House of Food," will be wheeling through Iceland with celebrated chefs and meals in tow.

The traveling house, a mere 2-by-4 meters with just 6 seats, began its food journey in Reykjavik and will continue through the country with a new chef each night. And yes, the house even features its own Icelandic butler, Heimir. (Eldhús, or "kitchen" in Icelandic, also translates to "Fire House.")

Though Inspired by Iceland, the campaign sponsor, is keeping its chefs and meals under wraps, the tour promises traditional and modern cuisine. The Huffington Post reports that on its first night, the head chef at Harpa restaurant served salted cod fish, tongues, and cheeks on the Reykjavik pond — no really, on the pond. RSVP here for the intimate Icelandic dinner party. Or, check out the hype on Nordic food sans food truck.