Icelandair Economy And Business Class Meals!

We go one way in economy class and return in business class with Icelandair to experience the inflight meals and we soon find out that passengers can experience a taste of things to come in Iceland through the airlines onboard food.


Mini Burgers
Special Christmas platter
Chicken with green curry and mango salsa


Economy class passengers on Icelandair have to buy their inflight meals no matter where you are flying to. There are two different inflight menus for economy class; The first for flights to and from Europe and the second for flights to and from North America.

Premium economy and business class passengers can select whatever they like from the inflight menu specific to your flight.


The first thing you notice on the menu is the how everything looks so different to normal airline food, the packaging is intended to introduce Icelandic nature to passengers while they're still on board the plane. The packaging is also meant to be as eco friendly as possible. The second thing that you notice is how original some of the meal items on the menu are. Yes as you guessed it as economy class gluttons we simply must dine on as many different inflight meal options as possible. But first let's look at what was good and what wasn't so good then we will tell you all about the meals!


When we took our flight it was Christmas time and therefore a special Christmas menu (in addition to the normal menu) was handed out to all passengers. The cabin crew were in the spirit of christmas handing out free cookies to everyone on board as well as complimentary christmas drinks like Malt and Appelsin and Icelandic Christmas Beer. We also loved how they promote Iceland through their packaging and how you can learn a lot about the country whilst you eat your meal and read the packaging.


Having not been to Iceland before we were a little shocked at the prices of the onboard meals, however if you compare them to the prices of meals locally you soon realise the prices are not so bad. There's no special meals available to order so if you have special dietary requirements bring a back up!


Mini Burgers EUR10.00

You receive three burgers plus a fabulous dipping sauce. Tasty but really hard to share!

Special Christmas Platter EUR12.00

Consisted of slices of turkey, ham, venison pate, herring, sauteed mushrooms and potato salad. Tasted very fresh and definitely gives you a sense of local flavors.

Chicken With Green Curry And Mango Salsa With Rice EUR13.00

We thought this dish would be served cold we didn't really look at the menu properly. So you can imagine our surprise when a hot meal turned up! This meal was probably one of the nicest inflight chicken dishes we have eaten in a while, it was moist succulent and left us wanting more.


For Saga classs (business class) passengers of Icelandair you can enjoy complimentary meals and drinks. Meals include a choice of two main courses on routes to Europe and on routes to the USA you can enjoy a choice of three meal options. Of course there are plenty of extras to keep you comfortable inflight including amenities like hot towels, newspapers, pillows and blankets.


The first thing that we noticed when the meal tray landed on our tray table was all the local condiments but unlike economy class there's no packaging which means no story to read. The meal itself consisted of:

Starter of smoked salmon
Hot Meal: Omelette cherry tomatoes bacon asparagus and potatoes

We were given a choice of bakery items to choose from and of course it goes without saying bottomless cups of tea, coffee and other hot drinks were on offer too. Whilst the meal was lovely if we compared the business class meal to the economy class meal we would prefer the economy meals. It was fun eating in economy and the food felt really local and was interesting. Not to say that the service in business class wasn't interesting we just preferred the meals down the back!


Would we fly Icelandair again for an inflight meal? You bet we would!


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