Is Iced Coffee Only For Summer?

WNYC talks to an iced coffee specialist on the different methods of iced coffee

Is iced coffee only good in the summer?

According to WNYC, there are a few "last chance" summer foods. There’s the simple pleasure of ice cream, the picnic snacks in the park, and of course iced coffee. But apparently, iced coffee can be much more complicated than simply pouring your leftover morning brew over a glass of ice.

Liz Clayton, author of Nice Coffee Time, explains to the radio station that “there’s basically two ways to make coffee grounds and water into coffee, and one of them is time and the other one is heat.” The first technique mentioned is the lesser-known way to make coffee, cold-brewing, but also happens to be the less acidic, mellowed flavor version that we all crave in our iced coffee. Most cafés use this method, and it is often referred to as a "toddy." Unfortunately, it takes about 12 hours.


So is iced coffee a "last chance" summer drink? Some cafes only offer the icy cold-brew method in the summer. Thankfully, Clayton closed her radio interview with a few recipes on how to make iced coffee with only a few materials.