Ice Ice Baby: The Coolest All-Natural Iced Teas in NYC


Ah, delicious, refreshing and low-cal: Is there anything not to love about a cold glass of iced tea?

Labor Day may be quickly approaching, but that doesn't mean summer is over (as the temperatures attest). We say beat the August heat with iced tea. Prepare your own pitcher at home, or head over to one of these Manhattan hot-spots for an all-natural, guilt-free brew.

Franchia, Iced Green Tea
Franchia is a vegan Korean tea house tucked away in Murray Hill, so of course their iced teas are first-rate. The small midtown restaurant sources tea from plantations in Asia, where the tea leaves grow in optimal conditions. Hand-picked and roasted, Franchia's all-natural green tea can be traced to the rocky, nutrient-rich slopes of Mt. Jilee — but you can order yours in a to-go cup right here in New York.

Kelvin Slush, Green & Black Tea with Real Fruit Purée
Winner of the 2010 Vendy Award for best dessert and named one of America's Top 20 Food Trucks, Kelvin Slush is an all-natural food truck that redefines the beloved slushy. Top off your tea, citrus, or ginger elixir with a flavorful mix-in, like fresh fruit purée or chopped mint and basil (for those who prefer the savory sort). If a drink full of antioxidants isn't enough to rope you in, the big blue food truck prides itself on its use of pure filtered water and all-natural cane sugar. What you won't find? Artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Nanoosh, Lightly Sweetened Organic Iced Mint Tea
With stores located on the Upper West Side, Midtown, and in Union Square, the organic iced mint tea from Nanoosh isn't just delicious — it's convenient! This Mediterranean hummus bar is dedicated to using organic, all-natural ingredients to provide their customers with food and beverages both filling and fulfilling. A note: The drink comes sans ice, so you'll have to request extra if you want yours even colder.

Le Pain Quotidien, Chamomile Mint Iced Tea
You've probably stopped into one of their many stores for a cup of café au lait or a loaf of their famed bread. Yet the homemade chamomile mint tea at Le Pain Quotidien, complete with a fresh sprig of the aromatic herb, is as satisfying as the rest of the menu. Sweetened with raw organic agave nectar, this energizing blend can be enjoyed at one of their cozy communal tables or while on the go.