Ice Cream, Tomato Beer at Tokyo's Beer Garden

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Check out these beer cocktails at the Kirin Ichiban Garden in Tokyo
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Would you try this tomato beer cocktail?

Perhaps it's time to say that flavored beers are just a part of life now? Not only is there avocado beer, lemon soda and beer, and peach beer, but now a beer garden in Japan is getting in on the trend. Reuters reports that Sapporo, Asahi, and Kiring are desperately trying to capture the attention of young drinkers, resulting in concoctions like the frozen beer foam now found at Dodger Stadium.

Other cocktails on tap? Frozen beer tomato cocktail, with a Bloody Mary-slushy strawberry hue, and a beer and coffee mixture for people hoping coffee will keep you awake post-beer for work (not how it works). The general consensus from Reuters' reporter? "I don't know if I'll be buying this, but..." The tomato drink? Fairly refreshing. The beer/coffee liqueur cocktail? Tastes like beer and coffee. Generally, it seems like he'd just want a straight beer, please.

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Watch his reactions below, then judge for yourself if beer cocktails are good ideas.