Ice Cream Sundaes: Revamped

A classic sundae is just ice cream, a flavored sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry, and it's hard to go wrong with that delicious combination. But it also leaves plenty of room for improvisation, thanks to the simplicity of the recipe.

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There are a lot of directions you can take with a basic ice cream sundae, whether it's creating a more indulgent dessert loaded with chocolate, or whipping up a creation that's just a tad lighter.

You can experiment with new flavors for the sauce (like caramel or butterscotch), use fruit instead of a chocolate drizzle, add toppings like gummy worms, go big with a banana split (or small), or try a new presentation, perfect for parties.

Whatever you decide to try out, the result is sure to be delicious. Click through our slideshow to see some creative sundaes to get your imagination going, and start experimenting for your summer parties.

— Brooklyn Supper, Babble