Chicago Food Festival Struggles and More News

In today’s Media Mix, a breast-feeding man plus Obama's food safety regulations delayed
Arthur Bovino

• A 34-year-old man has found a unique way to alleviate his erectile dysfunction. Jeff, who does not reveal his last name, from TLC’s Strange Sex, began drinking his wife’s breast milk and blood in an attempt to cure his ED; he says it’s working. [Huffington Post]

• New York City resident and magician Richie Magic sets a new world record by eating 61 crickets in 60 seconds. He shattered the record of 37, set in 2009 by Don "Inferno the Dragon" Wilson. [Huffington Post]

• President Obama signed what was considered to be the largest overhall of food safety regulations in decades, but nearly a year and a half later, the changes have yet to be implemented. [News 10]

• The 32-year-old Chicago Food Festival is in tough times as revenues shrink. The festival has been cut to five days down from 10 in recent years and the annual fireworks display has been canned.  [AP]

• The worst monsoon to hit India in the past three years could pose a devastating impact on the country's crops. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

• The primary chocolate taster of Kennedy’s Confection, a candy trade publication, is forced to resign due to recent health scares prompted by his job (i.e. cholesterol spike, growing waistband, you know the drill). [Huffington Post]