Hurricane Sandy Trashes Restaurants, Spikes Seamless' Business

Watch a video of a Jersey restaurant getting battered by waves

David Chang may have been right when he tweeted, "NYC restaurants will be just fine, we got through 9-11 & New Orleans has proven just how resilient the cooking community can be #hardasnails," in response to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but the effects of the storm are still devastating in certain areas.

CBS caught on camera waves crashing against a restaurant window in New Jersey, where their news team had set up for the evening news. Minutes after evacuation, anchor Scott Pelley reported that the waves crashed through the restaurant, destroying the interior.

Similarly, the Beach Barge at the Gurney's Inn in Montauk, N.Y., was pretty much washed away Monday night, when, The New York Times reported, that the beach club restaurant slowly disintegrated into the water.

Meanwhile, some restaurants in the areas affected are still delivering; Seamless started up its hurricane game plan on Friday, and orders were 11 percent higher  than normal on the Sunday before the storm hit, ABC reports.


The day after the storm, there are still places open on Seamless for delivery, even in the lower Manhattan area where the storm flooded streets and caused power outages, although wait times are more than an hour long. As usual, tip big. Biking in this weather cannot be fun.