Hurricane Sandy — A Personal Message

A memo from Jim Spanfeller President & CEO of Spanfeller Media

The Daily Meal will stay up-to-date with Sandy's short- and long-term affects on the food and beverage industry, report on how chefs are getting involved, and provide information on what YOU can do to help those in need.


Today, I want to send a brief message to our readers, fans, and partners. Some of us are faced with the dreadful aftermath of Sandy and some are just watching the news unravel. Whether you are helping neighbors, surveying damage, or simply calling loved ones to express your support, it seems we have all been touched in some way, shape or form.

Here at The Daily Meal, we too have been directly affected by this catastrophe. Based in lower Manhattan, our offices are currently without power. The same goes for many of our employees' homes. I must say that the entire staff has done a commendable job of communicating through it all. Managers have opened up their homes, editors have set-up makeshift offices in their kitchens, and our IT department has done a miraculous job of keeping our site up and running.

Above all, however, our thoughts have been with you. With your homes, your families, and your spirit. What we can and will do for you right now, is our job. The Daily Meal community understands its role, more than ever, as a reliable source for all things related to food and beverage. How are your favorite restaurants fending? How can we salvage food that will otherwise go bad in a powerless refrigerator? And of course how can we help feed those who are hungry? Which is covered in our recent story: 44 Things You Can Do to Help Fight Hunger in America.

There are other ways to help as well: If you are not close to a disaster zone, call or visit the websites of Red Cross, Feeding America, or Food Bank for New York City. Donating to one of these trusted organizations is a surefire way to know that your contribution is going directly to relief efforts.

If you are nearby a disaster zone and have properly attended to your own safety first, consider volunteering at a local relief shelter. Meals are being served to all those who are without power, without homes, or simply cannot tend to themselves.

The Daily Meal will continue to stay up-to-date with Sandy's short-term and long-term affects on the food and beverage industry, report on how celebrity chefs are getting involved and will provide information for what YOU can do to help those in need.

Most importantly, stay safe, and please let us know if we can help you.

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Jim Spanfeller
President & CEO of Spanfeller Media