How Your Beer Koozie Says What You Can't Slideshow


For the Happy Hubby

Obviously a truly disgruntled spouse wouldn't say it with such sarcasm. (Or at all.)

For the Eternal Optimist

Presumably the can that this koozie is holding is half empty.

For the Big Spender

With that kind of self-promotion, odds are this a good person to go up against in your fantasy football league.

For the Macho Man

Because when it comes to koozie humor, juvenile jokes are a must.

For the Person Who's Aging Gracefully

Cheers to the folks that know how to laugh about the realities of getting older and memory loss (of course, the beer drinking probably doesn't help much either).

For the Know-It-All

Perhaps not the best person to ask when in need of a serious opinion — but at least they're up-front about it.

For the Compassionate Friend

Let's assume the person drinking from this koozie is not someone you want to seek out sympathy from when you get weepy drunk.

For the Conummate Wingman

The truth can be harsh, but wouldn't you rather know than not? Take a swig of brutal honesty.