How Whiskey, Aquavit Are Made

It's safe to say that pounding shots and sipping whiskey gingers at your local pub isn't necessarily the best way to enjoy your liquor, especially the good stuff. Plenty of time, money, and fancy equipment are all necessary to create a good bottle of booze, and let's admit it, on some nights that goes unappreciated.

How ​Whiskey, Aquavit Are Made (Slideshow)

We recently took a tour of Portland, Ore.'s House Spirits Distillery, makers of Aviation American Gin and one of the few U.S. producers of Scandinavian favorite aquavit, to get a firsthand look at how they make their gin, Westward Oregon Whiskey, Krogstad Festlig Aquavit, and Volstead Vodka. And while their entire production facility is no larger than a suburban house, you'll find their Aviation Gin nationwide and in some of the best gin bars around (and their whiskey will be joining the national market soon).

Take a look through our slideshow to check out the production facilities of House Spirits Distillery, as they walk us through the steps of steeping gin, distilling whiskey, and turning sharp, grating ethanol into smooth, potable vodka. You'll be needing, and appreciating, a good drink after this.