How to Eat Your Way Through Life

Staff Writer
A what-to-eat-and-when guide to get you through life's trickiest situations

Whether you need to wake up, calm your nerves, or get in the mood, eating the right foods can change your life.

Have you ever been in a tough situation and found yourself thinking: What should I be eating right now? Believe it or not, however, foods really can affect your mood. Whether by maximizing performance, alleviating pain, or improving our overall health, food does more for us than just fill our stomachs.

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Fad diets will always exist, and nutritionists will always have advice on what you should eat, but very few sources give information about when is the best time to eat certain foods and why. While most people consider eating to be a nutritious and social experience, few may realize that constructing your meals to fit your needs in certain situations can actually improve your mood, energy levels, sex life, or whatever else life may have in store for you.

Certain foods cause various neurotransmitters in the brain to fluctuate, thus affecting your mood, concentration, and libido accordingly. Though these effects happen naturally, you can manipulate them to suit your needs, whether you need a post-workout pick-me-up or something to help you calm your nerves before a job interview if you’re aware of what you’re consuming and why. 

We chose to highlight 34 nerve-riddled situations and assessed the best foods to eat in each scenario. For example, you may have thought about eating a turkey sandwich to help you fall asleep, but did you ever think about what foods you could eat to help you stay awake?

Likewise, most people know that eating foods with an even protein-to-carbohydrate ratio before a workout can help boost your performance, but few know the proper foods to eat to restore nutrients and electrolytes post-workout.

Along with telling you what foods are best to eat in various situations and why you should consider eating them, we also have recipes that include these foods for you to try when you're in those situations. 

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Any food lover will tell you that food is the answer to everything, and we’re here to prove that in more ways than you might have expected. For any of the tricky situations life may throw at you, there’s an edible ingredient to make the situation better.