How to Drink Absinthe

Learn how to use an absinthe fountain and drink the traditional way

How to drink absinthe, as shown by Simon Ford and

Absinthe. Ever thought about how to actually drink the stuff? You may not think you can drink it — after all, it was banned from the United States for the better part of the 20th century — the (now legal) elixir is heaven to a true appreciator of spirits. 

Absinthe is the spirit used in many classic cocktail recipes, like the Sazerac or Corpse Revivor No. 2. But, as bartender and advisory board member Simon Ford shows in the latest video, the best way to enjoy the wormwood spirit is with a tad of sugar and ice-cold water — the old-fashioned way. Learn how to use an absinthe fountain, as well as the controversial history of absinthe, below.

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