How to Throw a Pizza Birthday Party

Your kids will truly ‘amore’ this party idea
Pizza Party Ideas

Try out these cute ideas for a fabulous pizza party

Throwing a pizza party is one of the easiest ways to ensure everyone will have a great time. Who doesn’t love pizza? But just featuring it on the menu isn’t enough for the true pizza lover. Whether your pizza fanatic is 12 or 24, you can throw them an appropriately themed and decorated party with the perfect vibe that will transform your living room into a pizzeria!

The Decor

Go gingham style on your table and give it that pizzeria feel. Make sure you utilize classic pizza pans and set up a pizza bar so your guests can get hands-on with their meal. Use paper chef hats and paper mustaches to make the party even more festive.

The Menu

In addition to the obvious pizza that will be present, don’t forget about other pizzeria classics. You should be serving cheese fries, mozzarella sticks, and antipasta as much as possible!

The Favors


So your guests can feel like masters in their own pizzeria kitchen, get them personalized aprons that they can wear at the party as well.