How to Throw Game of Thrones Dinner Party


Alright y’all we all know what time of year it is: Game of Thrones season.

Texas spice rubbed roasted chicken. Photo by Lauren Beane

Let’s just jump right into the heart of the dinner.

A whole roasted chicken is an ideal choice for your Thrones soiree for several reasons:

  1. It is simple to prepare– not to mention you can score one of these bad boys pre-made at the grocery store for under $10.
  2. Channel the Targaryens for this one, yeah Daenerys I’m looking at you, because this is a simple winged creature and, let’s be real, we can’t eat Khaleesi’s beloved dragons. Also, keeping this nomadic House in mind, note that the Targaryens don’t use weapons forged of metal, so encourage guests to tear off portions of this tasty beast with their bare hands… or stone utensils.
  3. Then, consider that Targaryens are usually eating horse jerky because that is what’s readily available to them (probably not your first choice of protein). But chicken is still WAY more palatable than raw stallion heart. Remember pregnant Khaleesi choking down one of those bad boys?

Other impressive center pieces to consider include: wild boar, a whole roasted goat, dog sausages or black swan.

Barbeque Pork “Pies.” Photo by Lauren Beane

Moving on to the side dishes…

Pork pies are described in the books as gigantic meaty pies consisting of carrots, onions, turnips, parsnips and mushrooms in a brown gravy. Instead, grab some Mini Fillo Shells from the frozen foods section and some Jack Daniels BBQ Pulled Pork, then bake and, BOOM, dish complete.

Lemon Spinach Couscous. Photo by Lauren Beane

Couscous: a dish to satisfy the vegetarians. This side is inspired by the Dornishmen from the southern most part of Westeros, whom most closely resemble our Mediterranean cultures in appearance and appetite. They are known for their exotic exports, including lemons and pomegranates, as well as for being very fiery and sexual people. Ooh La La!

Cheese Stuffed Peppers. Photo by Lauren Beane

“Seven courses were served, in honor of the seven gods and the seven brothers of the Kingsguard. The soup was made with eggs and lemons, the long green peppers stuffed with cheese and onions,” from A Dance with Dragons. These particular peppers weren’t stuffed with any onions, but I doubt that anyone will notice, or complain.

Moist and Delicious Lemon Cake. Photo by Lauren Beane


So simple, yet so beautiful and delicious. Here we have King’s Landing Lemon Cake.  These cakes are typically eaten by proper noble people because it’s relatively expensive to get lemons in the North where the iron throne resides. They’re usually enjoyed with a nice cup of tea and a beheading.

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