How to Throw A Back to School Bash for Your Kids

Don’t let the end of summer be a bad thing

Colorful school supplies make for great party favors!

Summer is coming to a close, which means that normal life is starting to resume. For a lot of us, that means getting our kids ready to go back to school. We plan all we can, making sure we have lunch ideas set and after-school activities planned, but our kids still may feel sad about having to go back. What’s the best way brighten up their day? Throw them a party of course!

By making going back to school fun, your kids will be ready and excited for their first day. But throwing a party for kids can sometimes get a bit tricky. We’ve come up with some fun tips for throwing the best back-to-school party ever. You’ll definitely be the coolest parent at the PTA after this bash!

The Menu

Since you’re throwing a party for little people, keep the food little too! Mini grilled cheese sandwiches are sure to be a crowd-pleaser, and sneaking in some spinach gives them a nutritious kick. Make sure you have a great veggie plate, but instead of using the typical ranch, use a Greek yogurt-based dressing instead. At the end of the day, hand out some delicious, fruity popsicles. It’ll remind your kids that summer may be over, but it’s not completely gone just yet. 

The Games

A back-to-school party should have back-to-school games. These will vary depending on the age and grade-level of your kids and their friends, but trivia games are always fun. The kids can choose between their favorite school subjects and have fun guessing (for prizes of course). Another great game is a school supply scavenger hunt. Stock up on notebooks, pens, and erasers and hide them around your home. The kids can keep whatever they find and bring them to school on the first day!

The Invites


It’s common courtesy to make sure that you invite everyone in your kid’s class, and all the parents as well. Just make sure that you require an RSVP on the invite, so you can be prepared. Of course you have to have the back-to-school theme in the invites too. You can find some beautiful templates here.