How To Stick To Your Diet In A Restaurant

A restaurant can be the bane of a dieter's existence. When you're at home, you have the ability to block out all external temptations and eat your healthy yogurt in peace. But at a restaurant, surrounded by friends scarfing down mountains of delicious, fatty foods, temptation is everywhere and it can be a torturous experience. That's why we've rounded up 10 handy facts to keep in mind when you're next dining out and trying to keep your caloric intake down.

How to Stick to Your Diet in a Restaurant (Slideshow)

The main problem with restaurant food is the portion size. Customers want to get the feeling that they're getting their money's worth, so restaurants go overboard to accommodate them, loading up plates with fries and other low-cost, high-calorie foods. So a good rule of thumb, no matter where you're dining or even if you're not on a diet, is to never clean your plate, no matter the starving people in China. And if you have the willpower to do that, you can find the willpower to follow the rest of the steps on our checklist.

For dieters faced with the dilemma of having to go to a restaurant, another smart thing you can do is plan ahead. Find the menu online, decide what you'll be eating, and don't deviate from it. Even the most outrageously over-the-top restaurants oftentimes have at least a couple of healthy options, and there are ways to customize your order to make sure it's as healthy as possible. Avoid temptation, get a doggie bag, and you should be all set.

So read on to learn 10 tips and tricks to make your next visit to a restaurant one that won't throw a wrench into all of your hard work. Because a meal in a restaurant should be a fun, social gathering, not one where you dread looking at the dessert tray.