How the Soda Ban Affects Your Coffee Order

Dunkin' Donuts has a useful chart to show you what exactly you can do with your sugary coffee

Remember when high-strung, sugared-up coffee-holics got super scared when they realized New York's soda ban might also apply to Frappuccinos? Well, Dunkin' Donuts coffee lovers, fear not.

A helpful sign has reportedly been posted at Dunkin' Donuts across town, as seen on Reddit, showing how the new soda ban changes your drink order, or doesn't change it. The big takeaway? If you order any of the large sizes, you might have to add your own sugar and your own "flavor swirl" (ooh, fancy) to your drink. Otherwise, your Dunkin' Donuts barista will do it for you.

Super sugary drinks, like the chain's hot chocolate, Dunkaccino, and frozen beverages, are only available in small and medium options, but everything else remains the same. So you can still get a small coffee with a shot of almond and honey (is that a thing?) with some milk. You just can't get a large with sugar and milk. Luckily, the ban doesn't go into effect until March 12, and even after there's a three-month grace period.


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