How To Say 'Beer' Across Europe

If there was ever a cause to create a universal language, it would probably be the beer cause: needing to get a brew in any country you may visit.

Luckily, here's a map to help you out when you're in Europe. Blog The Drey released this image to helpfully guide you through Europe so you never have to miss a brew. It even helpfully divides them into regions with similar beer names (bier, bierra vs. pivo vs. cerveza, or variations of the word "ale").

Check out the color-coded map below to plan your next beer trip abroad. Next up, we're hoping for a guide on how to say IPA, pilsner, wheat beer, and stout in languages across the world. Realistically, it's probably not possible to compile all that information into a single map, but it seems like a necessary tool for the traveler at large (developers: app idea alert). Who wants to take one for the team and spend the next two years researching?