How to Recreate Dishes From Your Favorite Authentic New York Italian Restaurants


Whether you're planning to entertain or simply intend on treating yourself to an unforgettable meal, choosing an Italian recipe will most likely make for a delicious evening. We've gathered three of our favorite recipes pulled straight from the kitchens of some of New York City's finest Italian restaurants. So, gather up the ingredients, don your Baci il Cuoco! apron and get ready for some of the best food to grace your table! Buon appetito!

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One-Pound Meatballs

Variations: Three one-pound meatballs or 16 three-ounce meatballs

Why Cook This? This is the recipe is for one-pound meatballs. I'm not really sure what more convincing you need other than the (obviously subjective) fact that these are the best meatballs ever concocted. The massive ball of meat includes a variety of beef, pork and even veal, so we wouldn't recommend serving this if you plan on inviting any vegetarian or vegan friends over.

Who Created This Recipe? Lavo New York's Executive Chef John Deloach

Ricotta Gnocchi with Sweet-Fennel-Sausage Ragu

Variations: Six-person appetizer or four-person main course

Why Cook This? Two reasons: First, you want to enjoy a dish that's full of complex flavors and delicate balances. Second, you really, really like cheese and sausage.

Who Created This Recipe? Chef Mark Ladner of Lupa Osteria Romana

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Fluke with Sea Beans and Radishes

Variations: None

Why Cook This? So you can prove to yourself and everyone else that amazing Italian food doesn't have to be made from pasta, cheese or tomato sauce. It does, however, require olive oil. Every recipe. Period. This lighter dish pairs well with a fine bottle (or two) of Vermentino, Verdejo or even chardonnay.

Who Created This Recipe? Executive Chef and Co-owner of Esca Dave Pasternack, a.k.a. The Fish Whisperer