How to Reach a Higher Level of Grilling

Grill Grates let your steaks sizzle from start to finish rather than burn

This "sizzle effect" is a major difference when comparing Grill Grates to conventional grills.

I'm the laziest griller you can imagine. I have a gas grill that's over ten years old that hasn't been cleaned more than three times. Of course I periodically brush the grates and replace some lava rocks when they get so saturated they look like lumps of coal but other than that it's me, the gas flame, and the Great Outdoors. I'll admit this doesn't do wonders for pesky flare ups that occasionally engulf what I'm cooking. That has all changed with my new Grill Grates. I'm now free to stick to my usual routine without the nasty repercussions of burnt food.

Grill Grates sit right on top of your conventional grill. Made from hard anodized aluminum which repels rust even after years of use, Grill Grates trap heat and then distribute it in an infrared zone on the raised rails while the flat base acts as a flame shield preventing any potential hot spots. Grill Grates are 5.25 inches wide and interlock so you can link together as many as needed. I'll warn you upfront that they're something extra to clean but you don't need to over zealously scrub since this will only detract from the grates' seasoned coating. I just soak in hot soapy water and quickly brush & sponge. As long as you religiously do this after each use, you're good to go. So what makes Grill Grates worth having besides the fact that they shield your meat from the ravages of the open flame? Grill Grates' raised rail design eliminates char extending the searing process from start to finish.

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This "sizzle effect" is a major difference when comparing Grill Grates to conventional grills. In open fire grilling, fatty juice drips into the fire invariably carbonizing your food's outer layer. With Grill Grates, juices steam and boil just below the food and gradually drain out through the holes between the raised rails. This aromatic sizzling delivers a huge pop of flavor instead of burnt undertones. Grill Grates come with a crucial accessory that looks like a huge hamburger flipper with open prongs. This is specifically designed to fit into the grates' grooves allowing you to flip crumbly or odd shaped foods like vegetables or fish with ease. It also works well for quarter turning pizzas...something I have yet to try.