How To Organize Your Dream Kitchen

Who hasn't watched cooking shows and envied the perfectly organized and well-designed television kitchens? Without a dirty dish to be seen and so many cleverly placed pots and pans — not to mention the spice cabinets! — these spaces can fill home cooks with jealousy. One day, one day...

But those overstuffed drawers, old spice jars, and overcrowded cabinets in your current kitchen just scream "organize me!" And, to be perfectly honest, having a clean and organized pantry makes cooking a lot easier and saves time in the kitchen. Instead of scrambling around for that unlabeled jar of cayenne or ground coriander and sniffing each one, you can simply pull open a drawer to reveal perfectly arranged (and labeled) spices.

Yes, to get there takes time and effort, but once that initial investment is made, the rewards are limitless.

We asked the brilliantly organized folks behind California Closets for their tips on creating the perfect kitchen. While not everyone can afford their services — put it on the wish list — we can follow their tips to make the best out of our current kitchens. For their tips and advice, check out the How to Organize Your Dream Kitchen Slideshow.