How To Open 24 Bottles Of Beer At Once

We may have needed this for our Cinco de Mayo festivities last weekend, but we're sure this bottle opener would be useful for upcoming summer barbecues.

This 24-bottle beer bottle opener is just the gadget for any big parties, where you have multiple people asking for bottles of beer. No need to be host and bartender, popping away multiple beer bottle caps as you juggle talking to new people. Instead, make it a big scene, where you open 24 at once and have a group cheer or something like that.

This video showcases what seems to be ingenuous Danish engineering, with this bottle opener opening 24 bottles with one single push. Granted, some of the caps may have stayed on (or just didn't fall completely off), but 20 bottles in one push isn't bad at all. Just make sure there are enough people to drink the beers; we don't want any of that going flat.