How McDonald's Fries Are Made

Yes, they are made from real potatoes

In a marketing gimmick that is actually rather genius, McDonald's has revealed how they make their tasty, salty, nostalgia-inducing fries. And it's actually not that bad. 

McDonald's Canada shows in this straightforward YouTube video how their fries are made, from potato to factory to restaurant. Of course it starts out at a farm, then a factory where the potatoes are washed, peeled, and cut.

All this sounds perfectly normal, until they start talking about adding a dextrose solution and another product for color stabilization. Then, the fries are fried for 45 to 50 seconds, frozen, and shipped off to a restaurant to be refried in vegetable oil.

Of course the main question out of all of this is why the fries happen to have so much salt. None of this is answered in the interview, but it does look like four orders of fries collectively get one tablespoon of salt. Turns out, you can also ask for your fries without any salt, but where's the fun in that? Watch the video below.