How To Master The Trader Joe's Line

Chose the Perfect Time

If you want to skip a massive line all together, It is all about the timing. You can go between 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. or between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. for a stress-free shopping experience.



Know What You Want

You cannot dilly-dally at Trader Joe's. You have to have a list, know what you want, and know where it is.



Skip the Produce

Trust us, it is worth making a trip somewhere else. The produce is less than desirable and not very environmentally friendly. Plus, skipping this part of the trip shaves a few minutes off of your waiting time!

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Head to the Middle Aisles

Your first-pit stop should be the middle aisles, which have all of the dry and canned goods you need. Once you get there, home in on your product's location, Heading there first is a key step in our next how-to tip.

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Get In Outer Line so You Can Shop While in Line

If you hop in the outer line and not the middle lines, you can get to all of the cold essentials. You're basically just shopping while in line, and can do this effectively because of the list you made in step one!



Use the Guys for the Middle Aisles

Know those super helpful fellas in the Hawaiian shirts? Put them to work! Often, TJ's employees will ask if you need anything or forgot anything while you in line. This is where you say "yes, please" and have them grab an item or two off of your list from the middle aisle; just don't take advantage of their hospitality!

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