How to Make the World’s Best Oreo Shake

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Oreo milkshakes taste like the best part of childhood

You can use your favorite flavor of Oreo to jazz things up.

Much evidence suggests that Oreos and ice cream go extremely well together. It’s basically a scientific fact.

There are Oreo-flavored ice creams and even ice cream-flavored Oreos.

And that leads us to the best combination of Oreos and any dairy products: Oreo milkshakes, which are absolutely delicious. Rich, creamy, and smooth, these sweet treats can bring you back to the very best parts of childhood.

Finely chop four Oreo cookies, then set aside. You can use your favorite flavor of Oreo to jazz things up (shout out to Birthday Cake)!

Pop ¾ of a cup of milk into your blender.

On top, add 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Follow this with three squeezes of chocolate syrup.

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And finally, take another four Oreos (there are eight total in this recipe), break them into quarters, and add them to the blender.

Blend until all the tastiness is well incorporated. Pour into two tall glasses, then top with chopped Oreos.


Sip and enjoy!

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