How To Make A White Russian

We know: you want to be like The Dude. Minus the marmots, but with the super slick bowling ability and the laissez-faire attitude that miraculously attracts the likes of Julianne Moore. We know you have a rug that ties the room together. We know what you want a cocktail — and not just any cocktail — you want the White Russian, to be precise.

White Russians are an integral part of The Dude's story, and The Big Lebowski would have lost a lot of pleasurable moments (The Dude's most excellent spit-take) and plot points (The Dude being drugged by way of his White Russian).

Sure, the White Russian has a storied history, but let's not pretend you care about that: suffice it to say that the drink's background involves the Cold War, but the White Russian actually does not hail from Russia. Before there was the White Russian, there was the Black Russian. Just vodka and Kahlua, no cream added, that drink is much stronger — because it's, you know, mixerless — and is credited to Gustave Tops, a bartender at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels. A Dirty Russian, by the way, is simply a Black Russian with a splash of Coke.

But more importantly, if you want to host a Big Lebowski theme party, you'll need to serve White Russians. Here's how.

Click here for The White Russian Recipe.