How To Make Pasta Dough

If you take Frank Prisinzano at his word, then there's no such thing as a recipe for pasta dough. And when you watch the owner of FRANK and Sauce (just to name a few of his restaurants) make his dough from scratch, you start to understand why he's right. What does a "large egg" mean anyway? You can't control egg sizes or humidity in a room, so you might as well put aside your mixer and measuring cups and try his "impossible-to-screw-up" method.

Prisinzano shows us in the video above how to make dough properly — put your eggs in a sizeable well of flour with just a touch of salt, and start beating away. As you work the glutens, your dough will form. You might have some flour left over, but you won't have pasta dough that feels like rubber. Watch the master at work and never worry about your pasta dough again.