How To Make Di Palo's Mozzarella

It wasn't too long ago that The Daily Meal tackled The Vanderbilt's blood sausage in Brooklyn: We went to the best, to learn from the best. In fact, that strategy worked out so well we went at it again — this time for mozzarella.

At Di Palo's in Little Italy, the Di Palo family has been upholding a longstanding tradition of making fresh mozzarella. From technique to tools, it's all been kept in the family, with a history stretching back to 1910.

Brothers Lou and Sal Di Palo run the Italian foods store that doubles as a certified diary.  With help from René, a Di Palo's employee, we went behind the scenes to see them make their mozzarella.

They make it daily, which Lou explains is the only way. With our step-by-step slideshow of How to Make Di Palo's Mozzarella, and a little practice, you too can have fresh handmade mozzarella in about 20 minutes. Or, assemble your caprese salad, sit back, and learn just how it got from massive curd to your plate.


Click here to see the How to Make Di Palo's Mozzarella Slideshow.