How To Make Coffee In Space

Yes, we admit it. Many of us on staff are nerds (one of us is going to Space Camp sometime this year, after all). So whenever we get to see what food would look like in space, we kind of geek out.

Luckily, the Canadian Space Agency is all about showing how food is made (remember that peanut butter and honey sandwich video?) This time, Commander Chris Hadfield shows us how coffee and chocolate pudding cake are made in space, two very important meals in the day. Unfortunately, the whole process doesn't involve any cooking at all, just some opening of packages and strategic spoon maneuvering.

Watch below as Hadfield shows us how to eat chocolate pudding cake and drink coffee in zero-gravity situations. We're pretty upset that you can't add any cream to the coffee, but we do like to imagine a world where we chase around chocolate cake as we float through the air.