How To Make Cereal Milk

Come Saturday mornings, we tend to find ourselves either at a boozy brunch or nursing hangovers with bagels delivered to our door (we know, we're covering our faces in shame), but some 20 years ago we were happily munching away on sugary cereals and saving the milk for the end.

Luckily, grown-ups don't have to buy boxes of sugary cereal to get their cereal milk fix; New York City's Momofuku Milk Bar has been all the rage in recent years thanks to their aptly named Crack Pie and perfectly sweetened cereal-infused milk. Christina Tosi has been bottling up cereal milk and selling it to the masses for years, and while her flavors come in classic combos (cornflakes, Fruity Pebbles), we honestly wouldn't mind some Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal milk.

Here, Tosi shows us how to make perfect cereal milk, a classic technique that can be applied to any of your favorite cereals. Cocoa Puffs? Go for it. Reese's Puffs cereal? A solid winner in our book. So mix up a batch and put it in your coffee, dunk your cookies in it, or drink it straight-up. It'll take you back to the daily sugar-laden bowls of cereal from your childhood. You're just missing the cartoons.