How to Make a Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Wrap your turkey in a blanket of bacon
Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

There are a million little details involved in the planning of Thanksgiving dinner. You're worried about the sides and desserts, of course, but let's be honest; the hardest choice to make involved deciding what to do with the turkey. Do you stuff the turkey? Do you roast the turkey? Or do you just dunk it in the deep-fryer and call it a day? This year, try doing something totally different: make a bacon-wrapped turkey that will get them talking for years to come.

Bacon-wrapped turkeys are works of art. An intricately woven blanket of bacon perfectly encases the turkey, making the turkey's skin crispy and flavorful. But how does one go about making this delicious Thanksgiving feature? It's actually rather easy and will add pizazz to your turkey. Check out our flawless recipe and your bacon-wrapped turkey will definitely be a hit!

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Recipe


Nothing's better than bacon, except when it's Thanksgiving Day and your turkey is wrapped in some. This recipe uses a seasoning and olive oil paste for under the turkey's skin to add a subtle hint of flavor that pairs perfectly with the bacon.