How to Make Almond Flour


The solution? DIY! Making almond flour is a lot easier than it sounds, and a great way to save money. Save even more money by buying the whole almonds instead of the slivered ones—turns out companies charge you more for cutting almonds into little pieces.

What you’ll need:

1 cup of raw whole unsalted almonds
1 small saucepan filled with water
1 blender/food processor


Photo by Stephanie Lee

1. Blanch raw unsalted almonds by boiling them in water for 2-3 minutes.

Photo by Kai Huang

2. Remove from boiling water and peel off the almond skins. They should come off easily after pinching the skin. Pat the almonds dry.

3. Pulse almonds in a blender or food processor, but not for too long. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with almond butter.

4. Run the mixture through a fine sifter to isolate any chunks that didn’t get broken down.

Photo by Ana Cvetkovic

5. Use in your favorite macaron recipe!

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