How Long Does it Take for Jell-O Shots to Set?

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Dear Drink Geek,

Major dilemma! I'm hosting a party tonight at my place for 25 of my nearest and dearest. I thought I had everything covered — bought booze, tasty snacks, decorations... more booze. And then it hit me: I forgot to make the Jell-O shots! Now there's only an hour until my guests are supposed to arrive and I'm in a panic. How long do Jell-O shots take to set? Can I put them in the freezer to speed up the process? Please help.


Party Panic,

Breathe — and step away from the freezer. In my experience, freezing Jell-O shots leads to nothing but trouble. (Think ice chunks and a layer of frost if you've diluted them with water, or if you're using a clear spirit such as vodka, they will never freeze.) Generally speaking, though, Jell-O shots can take anywhere from two to four hours to set depending on the size of the shot and the temperature of your fridge. My suggestion? Pour smaller shots and jack up the temperature of your fridge. And in case you need a little inspiration, here's a favorite recipe for a Cherry Bomb variety.


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