How to Host a Hot Chocolate Social

Cozy up with this decadent party idea
Hot Chocolate


Indulge a little and try hosting a delicious hot chocolate social for a fun winter party.

This time of year does not want for parties. Every time you turn around, there's a new invite in the mail or another date to pencil in on the calendar. It's a time when the champagne corks fly and wine is poured like crazy. So really, the last thing we need is another cocktail party or wine tasting. Instead, let's try a hot chocolate party. The weather is frightful (for some) and there is a need for warm, frothy drinks, plus a few marshmallows and other delicious additions

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Of course, this is another opportunity to go all out and throw a fun party while drinking something tasty. If you are the consummate hostess, consider grabbing some adorable invites. Anything with chocolate on the front will do, of course. But cater it to your needs. If you're going for a cute, whimsical theme, grab an invite with a fun, child-like vibe. But if you're throwing an adults-only party, choosing a more posh invite is definitely in order.
Without a doubt, the hot chocolate will be the most important element of the party. The options of flavors, mixes, and toppings are unlimited, and call for you to be creative. If you can dream up the flavors, they can be made in a snap. Having a variety of hot chocolates will be important, since every party has a wide range of taste buds. Don't be afraid to overdo it. It's hot chocolate — you can't go overboard with this one.
In an effort to avoid getting overwhelmed, focus on just a few details. Keep your décor simple. Choose a simple sign with instructions on how to prepare the hot chocolate and add in a few other cute details, such as twine and ribbon, to tie it all together. Have a few things to nosh on but don't be afraid to hit the grocery store and buy cookies and light appetizers in an effort to save time and preserve your sanity. Most of all, keep it light and fun. It's a hot chocolate party, after all — if it's not fun, what is? Check out all of our tips for hosting a killer hot chocolate party in the slideshow!

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This story was originally publishes on December 13, 2013