How To Host The Christmas Ultimate Gingerbread House Party

At this point, everyone has done a cookie swap. People show up with dozens of their favorites, everyone trades and guests go home happy, arms filled with loads of assorted treats. It's no longer a novelty. So instead this holiday season, try something new. Host your own gingerbread creation party. Each guest will leave with their very own constructed and personalized gingerbread house to display the entire season long.

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Hosting a gingerbread house party requires only a few supplies and a large amount of creativity. The lengths you go depend on the type of hostess you are. Parties can always be done up to the nines, no matter what the occasion. If you're the hostess who can't stand to have a single detail left out, the gingerbread party is your chance to go hog-wild. Arrange dozens of candies in little bowls for decorating. Set up assorted colors of royal icing for those who want to get really detailed. Consider having a photo station for fun posing with your house.

If you're more into a low-key party, that's fine, too. Hosting a low-key gingerbread house party requires the same amount of creativity but on a smaller, easier scale. Have a few toppings for decorating but don't go crazy with the royal icing. Keep things basic for simple assembling, simple decorating and simple clean up. Focus on the fun of the party instead of getting wrapped up in the minutia and details.

Ultimately, no matter what type of hostess you may be, the focus is on the fun and festivity of the holiday season. Be sure to put on the holiday tunes and have some piping hot cocoa for sipping. And whatever you do, use your creativity to really make your house shine. Here, we offer you a few tips, tricks and suggestions on how to host a gingerbread house party with style and ease.