How to Drink Like Bradley Cooper

Hope you like H2O and coconut water
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Bradley Cooper loves his coconut water.

You'd think that the infamous face behind the ode to drunkeness, The Hangover, would be a drinker. But did you know the handsome Bradley Cooper (now starring in the Oscar buzzworthy flick Silver Linings Playbook) is in fact sober? 

It's true: Cooper recently revealed that he gave up drinking and drugs when he realized it brought out the "tough guy" in him. And by "tough guy," we mean the guy who purposely bashes his head on a concrete floor — maybe tough isn't the word we're looking for... So Cooper has become the face of a sober actor in Hollywood, and said that sobering up was a turning point in his life. He told the Daily Beast his life is better without alcohol. So your dreams of reliving The Hangover with him in Vegas are officially shot. 

But of course, the dude does in fact drink — just nothing alcoholic. And if you want to be ripped like Cooper (after all, he is dating Zoe Saldana), there's only three things you need in your fridge: water, coconut water, and protein shakes. 

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Yep, Cooper shared his workout secrets (and the secrets behind that Sexiest Man Alive bod), and said that it's all due to a healthy diet of water and protein shakes. He told the Sydney Morning Herald that despite his "boring" (read: sober) drink choices, he does love coconut water. "Now I drink water. Very boring. Oh, coconut water! A great LA drink." So there you have it: leave the toxin-filled, boozy drinks behind and drink natural like Cooper. At least you won't have a hangover.