How Does Taking Low Or No-Calorie Drinks Help One To Lose Weight?

According to new research in Wells Fargo, the demand for diet sugar has gone down in the recent past. Statistics indicate sales of low-calorie and no-calorie soda went down by 7% and regular soda by 2%. Although it is not yet clear about the decline in sales, chances are that many people have played down the benefits of diet soda especially in weight loss.

A number of studies done in the past years have faulted the myth that drinking no-calorie sodas leads to no weight gain. On the contrary, findings in a research presented in 2011 at the ADA - American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions, indicated that diet soda causes weight gain.

Diet soda not beneficial to dieters

There exist various theories that link soda to weight gain. Scientists believe artificial sweeteners are meant fool your plain and brain. Thus when you take something that has a sweet taste, the body will tend to expect more calories which cannot be delivered by beverages. To counter this, the metabolic systems may decide to convert the existing sugar in the blood to fat. This is due to the assumption that there is more that has entered the system which can be turned into energy.

Alternatively, the body may decide to change direction so that it burns the already existing sugar in the blood t avoid too much being left due to the assumed arrival of more. However, the fact that soda contains no sugar this tends to leave you with a deficit of sugar in the blood stream thereby making you crave for high -sugar snacks or candy.

More so, it is likely that when the body experiences a calorie deficit, diet-soda drinkers will tend to binge for reasons associated with psychology. Thus, it may cause them to feel unsatisfied and therefore need to eat more to compensate for it or may be led to believe that by drinking diet soda earlier on, they save on some calories - a justification to overeat  and when this happens, it leads to weight gain which is contrary to your ultimate goals.

What you need to do in order to slim down

In order for you to slim down, it is advisable that you avoid drinking sugary soda and opt for a diet that can help you save on some calories. Weird drinking of low or no-calorie drinks is not likely to alter the amount of calories you ingest on a daily basis.

A new study published in the American Journal of Public Health indicates that obese and overweight dieters who dwell on diet drinks consume the same amounts on calories as those who take sugary beverages.  In this case people who drink diet beverages make up for the deducted calories (liquid) by simply over indulging on solid food (up to 194+ calories daily)

100-calorie adjustments you need to make now

Why let your diet soda drinking habit ruin your menu? Many people on diet tend to reward themselves for having given up the calorie laden lattes and sugary beverages by opting for low-cal drinks oblivious of the risks involved. Although early studies associate drinking soda with increased appetite, this does not necessarily meant that you should replace Coke zero with Coca-cola. It is never a wise idea to drink your calories, especially so if you are battling it out with weight gain. Liquid calories just like solid cals, drain down faster leaving you unsatisfied. It is therefore a good idea to hydrate yourself with water, coffee or unsweetened tea (for those addicted to caffeine). Skipping soda is right but it is good to ensure that you choose healthy foods in its place.

In this case, the low demand for the diet soda could be an indication that many people are getting to understand all these theories. Statistics indicate that most people who buy diet soda are actually overweight and that it is the group that has been spending on the stuff for quite a long time and nothing forthcoming in terms of weight loss. Soda only helps to increase cravings for more calories and if you are not careful, you end up going for what is not right for your health.

Weight is lost by cutting down on calories. Many people tend to go for diet soda in a bid to enjoy the taste and the fewer number of calories. Hence, if you decide to snack of calorie-rich diets and go beyond the required limits per day, it is obvious that you will be heading towards weight gain whether or not you took the soda. It is therefore important to avoid diet soda and instead drink water. This is because it helps to keep you full thereby making it hard for you to crave for other unhealthy foods like candy and the like.


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