How Countries Eat Avocados Around The World

When avocados are mentioned, recipes for guacamole inevitably follow. It may surprise you that the fruits are used in unexpected and varied ways all over the world (and yes, avocados are in fact, a fruit). Avocados, also called alligator pears for their green and rough skin, are found in many countries, but are favored in the warmer climates where they grow. When soft and ripe, they have a rich and creamy flesh that can be used in both savory and sweet dishes.

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In North America, avocados have become a food staple because of their heart-healthy, mono-saturated fat content. They're a common addition to salads, soups, and sandwiches. In other countries, avocados are a popular dessert flavor, especially in rich and creamy puddings, ice creams, and shakes while some countries will use the avocado's creamy texture for a savory soup. And, of course, many countries serve the mashed fruit as a dip or condiment topping.

Awaken your palate with some of these foreign avocado dishes at home, and be pleasantly surprised by the versatility of the avocado. Check out some of these dishes and be inspired to create something new and delicious with avocados. Move beyond the simple dip and take a new exotic twist on your next meal or snack made with avocados.