How To Celebrate Milestone Birthdays Slideshow

First Birthday

Here's the catch-22 about a baby's first birthday: it's a huge deal because, for one thing, they weren't around the year before and not only are you celebrating their very first year but you're also celebrating a year of firsts like their first steps, first haircut, first word, etc. But the flip side is that they won't remember it. Parents usually make a big to-do about first birthdays, so think about what your baby gravitates to, whether it's Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Tank Engine, or cars, and base your theme around that — the cake, the decorations, the games, the works!

10th Birthday

Congrats, you're officially in the double digits! Embrace age 10 with double the fun and have the kids call the shots on what they're looking for in a bash. We suggest a sleepover soirée filled with doubles like double-decker sandwiches, double scoop sundaes, and maybe even a double tiered cake!

13th Birthday

Welcome to the teenage years. While 13 is still super young, give your kids a little independence when it comes to their birthday this year. Host a movie theater bash by dropping them off and picking them up later on as long as all of the other parents agree, of course!

16th Birthday

We'll admit it — a few of us here at The Daily Meal have had all-out Sweet 16 parties and guess what? We don't regret it. Turning 16 is an opportunity for a big party including candles, speeches, and your closest friends and family. 

18th Birthday

Age 18 has some serious clout to it. You're nearly off to college (depending on your birthday month, some of you may already be there) and the year is full of celebrations, from graduation to prom and all of your lasts as a senior in high school. Make this birthday one to remember, especially since you won't necessarily be celebrating with the same people a year from now. 

21st Birthday

Its official youre an adult! We won't beat around the bush: This birthday is all about having drinks, and a blast with your friends. Celebrate your birthday somewhere easily accessible via public transportation or a taxi and yes, you should definitely wear a crown. Bottoms up!

30th Birthday

Sayonara 20s, hello 30s! Thirty is the new 20, so celebrate this milestone year by learning from your 21st birthday mistakes — doesn't the saying go "liquor before beer, you're in the clear"? This year could make for a great destination birthday celebration as well.

50th Birthday

Tread lightly if youre planning a bash for someone turning 50. All kidding aside, it can be a sensitive subject depending on the person. One thing to think about is reuniting the honoree with old friends from childhood to make it a bash theyll remember forever.

75th Birthday

At 75 there's much to celebrate — not only age, but achievements as well. Seventy-five is a great year for a treasured yet intimate affair that includes a ton of reminiscing and family history.

100th Birthday

One hundred years means great memories, and more than likely, a huge family to celebrate with. Again, with age comes wisdom, so plan accordingly when it comes to a centennial celebration. Serve dishes that were popular in their heyday and decorate tables with old photos organized by year. 

40th Birthday

Most say that hitting forty is officially going "over the hill." Embrace the day with laughs and a good attitude and if you're hosting the party, a surprise is the best idea.