How Anne Burrell Got Her Hairstyle

Asked at the Braiser Lounge in the Dream Hotel during the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival how her infamous hair style happened in the first place, chef Anne Burrell's first response was to make sure everyone knew that she was not from New Jersey. 

"I've always had wild hair my entire life," chef Burrell noted. "It all started when as a kid I had horrible hair. I had Dorothy Hamill. It was the pin straight and it looked like my mom put a bowl over my hair to cut it. I had the braces, and the pin-straight hair. And I'd say, 'Mom! I want Farrah Fawcett hair.' And I just started to get creative with my hair and it never stopped. It keeps growing and growing.

"I had it first. Guy Fieri copied me! It was actually really funny. I was in Hawaii in August and we asked for a convertible and of course, there was nothing left, and the only thing they could give me was a bright yellow convertible Camaro. And I was like, 'Oh great, everybody is going to think Guy Fieri is in town.'"