The Houston Traveling Punch

Created with Hendrick's gin, it's a truly unusual punch

The Hendrick's Houston Punch.

You know it's going to be a special drink when it comes from Hendrick's Gin's "Voyage into the Unusual" cocktail party, which first launched in Houston. What can you expect at the most unusual cocktail party? Says Jim Ryan, a brand ambassador for Hendrick's, the party was meant to give visitors the true gin experience. "Hendrick's has this amazing rich world that surrounds it," he said. "So we wanted to share Hendrick's with you all over the country in a very eye-opening, experiential manner. Hopefully, guests will leave as though they've jumped inside a bottle of gin — they'll know it inside and out."

What Ryan describes as that bottle of gin is evident in the planned events: guests walk through a mini botanical greenouse that features some of the roots, flowers, and herbs used in making Hendrick's. Then, during the first night, the Explorer's Lounge explains the ingredients used in the gin and makes them into a cocktail — try dill or bitters in your next Hendrick's Gin cocktail.

This Houston punch, made just for the "Voyage into the Unusual" party, is unlike any punch you'll have: perfect for a hot, Texas night. 


5 parts Hendrick's Gin

3 parts fresh lemon juice

2 parts peach liqueur

2 parts Demerara sugar

8 lemons

5 parts weak Ginger Peach Black Tea

5 parts chilled soda water

1 block ice Lashings of Fee Bros. Peach Bitters, to taste

mint sprigs and peach halves, for garnish


Prepare the tea, 1 bag per 16 ounces of hot water steeped and chilled until the punch needs to be mixed.

Three hours before service, take the peel of the lemons and muddle them with the Demerara and place them aside. Just before service, add the lemon juice needed to this mixture and stir well until the sugar dissolves. Strain as you pour into the punch bowl.

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