Hot(ter) Chocolate

Photo by Katherine Carrol

Did you know that chocolate has a better use that just for a delectable taste? No? Well, my friend, you are missing out. Chocolate is a major turn on not only for its taste but also for certain...ahem...benefits that reaches its consumers in many ways. These benefits aren't for the weakhearted either.

Natural Energy Booster
In case you can't get through the day, chocolate is a great go-to so you can solve the mid-day/late-night conundrum of losing  energy. It'll help you power up for that prelim tomorrow or for that date night with your boo-thang.

Mood Enhancer
Chocolate is a natural mood enhancer which simply explains why the consumption of chocolate gives us that love-sick puppy feeling.

Photo by Katherine Carroll

But what about the down and dirty side of chocolate? The decadent treat lends its hand for some pretty satisfying results. The thrill of the adventure to discover all of it's hidden secrets. Naughty, sensual, morally delinquent.

Dumb and In Love
A small bit of chocolate releases dozens of a few dozen milligrams of a chemical called phenylethylamine. This dream chemical finds its way to a little part of the brain that makes a person feel in love. Basically, just ignore the chemical and remember the benefit.

Flavanol, the main type of flavonoid found in cocoa, has been proved to improve circulation. The cream we're talking about goes beyond the silky smoothness of your favorite treat.

Photo by Katherine Carroll

Natural Aphrodisiac
Aztec nobles used to give this natural sex-stimulant to their partners in order to increase desire. Now maybe you see why chocolate is the gift of choice on Valentines Day.

Try it.


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