Hot Sauce Beats Out Ketchup In Poll

It looks like our readers are the adventurous type. Last week, we asked you what condiment you could never give up, and 32 percent of voters chose hot sauce. Ketchup barely took second place, with 24 percent of votes, and mayonnaise took 22 percent.

Mustard only received 17 percent of the votes, and BBQ sauce came in dead last with five percent.

Hot sauce's dominance isn't all that surprising, given the trendiness of spice these days. We've got hoards of people eating the hottest pepper in the world, and this lady puts Sriracha on toast. Then there's the ubiquity of Korean tacos and burritos, the Tabasco bottles at Chipotle, and the food trucks serving rice wraps with spicy peanut sauce.

What condiment would you bring to a deserted island? And if it's hot sauce, what dishes do you use it for? Let us know by commenting below.

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